KirstinKirstin Mayberry grew up surrounded by wallpaper and paint samples, fabric swatches, various treasures that her late mother acquired on buying trips to England, as well as from the local design centers in nearby Los Angeles. Her mother, Linda Malmquist was a well-known interior designer, who designed rooms, offices and homes for a wide variety of clients – from celebrities, to best-selling authors, to everyday people. Her mother loved to joke that when Kirstin was growing up, that she had little to no interest or talent in the arts. Apparently macaroni art was not her forte. It was therefore a pleasant turn of events when Kirstin’s interests started becoming more artistic in nature.

Before her mother passed away, Kirstin started designing one-of-a-kind diorama furniture pieces for her mother’s business. Intricate designs were built onto each piece of furniture. Vintage chairs, washstands, stools, and benches were used as the backdrops for elaborate and theatrical scenes.

A short time later, Kirstin had gone with her mother to a high-end florist, to look for Christmas décor for their home. Kirstin spotted a Christmas wreath made by one the florists and became inspired. She quickly branched off into Christmas décor and never looked back. The designs were so unique and whimsical that she started getting requests from people to decorate their homes for the holidays. Each wreath or centerpiece became more elaborate than the next, as she is always trying to top her previous project. One of her favorite pieces to this day was her most technically difficult one to construct; a Santa’s Workshop wreath, which had animation on it. What started out as strictly Christmas items grew to encompass year-round wreaths and centerpieces, including spring, fall and Thanksgiving decor.

After her mother’s passing, as a gift to her father Kirstin created her first found object mirror, to honor her mother and father’s undying love and commitment. It started off as a whim and quickly became one of her favorite genres to work in. Found object art is a relatively young area in the art world, with very few artists doing what Kirstin does.

After her mother’s passing, the opportunity to remodel her father’s 92-year-old Spanish beach home came up and Kirstin jumped at the offer. The home had been filled with black mold and therefore 90% of the contents had to be thrown away. She worked one-on-one with sub-contractors to bring the house back to its previous historical glory. What resulted from her design is an old-world Spanish charmer, filled with of color and charm, along with Kirstin’s trademark whimsical touches. The home also features her second found object, ocean themed mirror, as well as a found object chandelier that she created for the dining room. Upon finishing the home, Kirstin realized that she wanted to make her work official (since all of her work had been done previously through her mother’s business in the past), and therefore launched her own business.

Recently Kirstin has taken up photography. Her keen eye and perspective has helped her to produce some amazing pictures. Her photographs are featured on the website. She is also a writer, having written her first novel 10 years ago, and is currently working on her second book.

Kirstin lives outside of Los Angeles with her husband and dogs. Kiriosities was born out of the love for creativity, and the endless possibilities that can be brought to life from it, as well as from the love of a mother who always believed in her daughter. Wherever you are, thank you mom. I love you.

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